About Presidential Avenue

Presidential Avenue was founded in 2001. We are interested in the legacies of our Nation’s Presidents and the beauty and preservation of historic sites related to these great individuals. There is no better way to understand these truly unique individuals than witnessing the places they were born, the surroundings of their childhood, where they started and raised their own families, and how they chose to spend their retirement years. In visiting each of these places, the personal spaces and belongings shed light on who these people truly were – probably more light that can be gleaned from any public records or documents. We invite you to visit these sights just as we have done many times.

Our web site is the one resource for everything related to the United States Presidents. View beautiful photos, factual information and stories about the Presidential birth homes, boyhood homes, adult homes, retirement homes as well as presidential libraries, museum, memorials and gravesites. Browse through trivia, facts, stories and other information pertaining to the Presidents, such as biographies, profiles, terms in office, election results and even information related to all of the First Ladies and Vice Presidents.

We have enjoyed going to each and every site that is listed and we want to share what we have discovered. We are hopeful that you will find everything you need to know about the Presidents and will enjoy learning about the intricate and fascinating lives of these unique individuals.